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Guided Meditations and Transformative HealingS

A realm of inner explorations, a safe and effective container, where you get to feel, know and heal yourself. Experienced and intuitive, Shakya guides individuals on a transformative journey into self-discovery, remembrance and restoration.


Embark on a path of inner peace and self-awareness as Shakya leads you through an evolution of Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. Experience the power of releasing past burdens and embracing a renewed sense of harmony and balance.


Immerse yourself in the serenity of this Taoist Smiling Meditation, where Shakya expresses the ancient Taoist wisdom allowing you to cultivate joy, positivity, and a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

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Journey into the depths of the mind with Shakya's Infinite Black Meditation, a transformative practice that invites you to embrace the emptiness within. By surrendering to the vast void, you release yourself to an empty state of pure potentiality, clarity, and liberation.


Discover the revitalizing effects of Qi Gong, a practice that combines mindful movement, breath control, and energy cultivation. Shakya's guidance will empower you to harness the life force within, promoting physical vitality, emotional well-being, and a heightened sense of interconnectedness.

Earth & Fire


Transform Your Body & Mind, where ancient wisdom meets modern transformation. Our holistic training approach combines the power of Qi Gong and Kung Fu conditioning to cultivate strength, balance, and inner harmony. Discover the transformative benefits of our online classes, designed to optimize your mind-body connection and enhance your overall well-being. From gentle movements to dynamic techniques, Shakya guides you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you unlock your potential. Join us today and embark on a path of vitality, clarity, and growth.

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