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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

1. An Authentic Smile

When we’re in resistance to the experience of what’s coming up within our sphere of consciousness things can feel sticky, heavy, and even hopeless. Let’s practice smiling every day and open up the neurological pathways to living a happier and healthier life.

2. Humility

We find security in what we know and the truth is we know nothing. It wasn’t until I saw divinity in my own teachers that their teachings began to turn my heart inside out. We have a lot of unlearning to do.

We can only learn from an ordinary person what an ordinary person can teach you. Imagine, learning secrets to the universe and never exploring because you took it as surface-level teaching, we are lazy, and sometimes cowardly, scared of the unknown and who we might become, beyond all of our irrational fear of the unknown is transformation, a return to subtle truths that Ibackward have only been able to experience from a place of humility, a place where I have taken a knee, a place where I can slow down, pause, and relax so I might have the chance to look up with awe and wonder. We have this amazing and wonderful opportunity to become instruments of divinity when we let go of who or what we think we are.

There is more to life than understanding knowledge or philosophy, there are realizations that come with presence and actualizing

I used to hate being humbled, and then when I am humble my connection to spirit comes with ease. When we soften our gaze and open our hearts, we are able to experience the subtle currents that run through all of creation itself.

3. Heart-Centered Awareness

It’s easy to get caught up in the psychic clutter of this confusing and backwards world. When we take responsibility for our own judgments and negative emotions, we are able to transmute all leaden grudges into gold. We have methods, techniques, and spiritual technologies that have been developed for centuries so we might have the opportunities to live our best lives. Let’s bring more Joy, Love, and Appreciation into our lives.

4. Accountability

We are our own worst enemy. Our subconscious programming runs the majority of our lives. Find a coach, a class, and or a school that you can tune into to achieve your goals. Whether it’s to overcome negative behaviour, develop positive habits, get healthy, fit, or mentally balanced, make sure you are committed to showing up, not just for yourself but also to someone or a community that genuinely cares about your health and well-being.

5. Supportive Community

Don’t be a crab in a bucket. Become aware of lateral violence and more importantly self-sabotage. Find communities, friends, a coach who gives you space to make mistakes but also genuinely gives a fuck about you. These teachers, communities, and people are hard to come by especially because it takes a certain level of awareness, life experiences, practice, and devotion to better yourself, the world, and humanity.

What we give we receive tenfold, it only makes sense that we should live our most authentic lives and support each other with Joy, Love, and Appreciation in our hearts. I’ll never stop working on this and this path has allowed me to witness miracle after miracle. Life is amazing.

6. join the movement

Let’s get supernaturally fit and healthy, so we can create beautiful lives for ourselves and each other. You got this, and when you don’t we got you. That’s how this works.

With Joy, Love & Appreciation,


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