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Tea Ceremony

Finding Peace in Presence

A voyage of tranquility, where time dissolves and the magic of the present unfolds. Follow Shakya, as he guides you through the ancient Taoist art of Gong Fu Cha.
Shakya pours tea, infusing breath, grace, and tranquility into a fulfilling and complete experience.
Immerse in ancient ritual, where mind, body, and spirit converge in harmony’s embrace.
Let the gentle steaming scents guide you to a realm of inner peace, where the world fades and stillness reigns. Join Shakya in tea ceremony, a sanctuary for meditation, contemplation, and restoration.

Unveil the healing essence of Taoist Tea Ceremony, as each pot becomes a vessel for emptying the mind. Find solace, find renewal, and let the whispers of tranquility guide you home.

Book your tea ceremony today, tea is ancient, living poetry of spirits awakening,

life in between stillness and motion.

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